Engine Mercedes OM 441 A

Diesel Engine Mercedes OM441A

The Mercedes Benz OM441A Engine is a 10965cm3 (11 litres, 657cubic-inch) displacement in V6 cylinder 4-stroke Diesel engine. It is one of many motors in the 400 series of engines, which were developed in1969  year. In 1968 the German Federal Ministry of Transport  introduced a bill about that from 1972 on new vehicles must have an engine output of  8 hp per ton of gross combination weight. V-shaped 6 -, 8 - and 10 - cylinder engines of the new 400 series completed the quest.

The first generation V6 diesel 400 series, released in 1975, was designated as the OM401 and develops power 141 kW (192 HP), the second generation V6, bearing the designation OM421 and appeared in 1980, had already developed an intercooler and 190 kW (253 HP). The third generation of V6-diesel production Mercedes-Benz OM441 engine is presented, developing 200 kW (269 HP).

These motors are designed to meet the requirements of environmental standards Euro II. OM441 engines are very popular and widely used since the early 1990s in road engineering and medium trucks. OM441 is also used in combine harvesters, in particular, it sets in motion a combine harvester CLAAS Dominator 118 SL MAXI.

Technical date:

Number of cylinders V6
Bore 128 mm
Stroke 142 mm
Cubic capacity 10965 cm2
Combustion system Four-stroke diesel with direct injection
Compression ratio 16,9:1
Power 200 kW (269 hp)
Maximum torque at speed 1600 Nm at 2000 rpm